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The greatest mashup artists don’t just find two songs with similar-sounding titles, smoosh, them together, and call it a day — they make ingenious connections between two or more tunes that seem as though they’d have nothing in common, combining them in a way that’s both totally surprising and perfectly coherent.

Take, for example, pomDeterrific’s “Call Me a Hole,” a crazy/good/crazy good mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and NIN’s “Head Like a Hole.” There may be only one thing on which both fresh-faced teens and NIN fans can agree: This song is awesome.

But as great as “Call Me a Hole” is, the pop culture connoisseurs at EW aren’t quite sure if it’s up there with our favorite mashups ever. Sarah Caldwell, for instance, is partial to “Under the Booty,” TDRloid’s unholy alliance of Bubba Sparxxx, the Ying Yang Twins, and… The Little Mermaid.

Denise Warner thinks it doesn’t get better than Tom Petty and The Notorious B.I.G. in whitepandamusic’s “Mo Free Mo Fallin’.”

And as Deven Persaud points out, these songs clearly owe a debt to “Party and Bulls— in the USA,” papeh shredda’s anthemic Miley Cyrus/Biggie track.

However, I humbly submit that Chambaland’s “One Song Weezy” is the mashup to end all mashups, mostly because I’m still flabbergasted by how good Lil’ Wayne sounds when rapping against “One Song Glory” from Rent. (He’s also got a great “Call Me Maybe” mashup that matches Carly Rae’s vocals with Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life.”) Game, set, and match.

Or is it? Which of these mashups, if any, is your favorite — and what would you add to this list?

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