I know what you're thinking: the last Assassin's Creed just came out! Well, just as developer Ubisoft promised, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag appears to be a departure from the tangled technological-mystical web woven by previous entries in the series.

In the two minutes of released footage (all almost-uncanny CGI images) we see a cranky old pirate/Blackbeard lecture a room of younger pirates about the scariest seafarer he's ever known: Captain Edward Kenway, a familiar-looking monk/warrior who murders and saunters about murderously. For a few seconds, a bed of naked wenches smile at him as he heads off to his grisly work.

Captain Kenway doesn't appear materially different from the Desmond-y assassins that came before him, with his blandly handsome features and small armada of blades and guns. Except Blackbeard promises, "There's more mystery in that man then even I dare ask."

Yay! I say. Sea-wenches! Now if only Ubisoft would release a trailer with actual, y'know, in-game footage.

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