Alec Baldwin
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Though “creative differences” with co-star Alec Baldwin drove Shia LaBeouf’s departure from the Broadway play Orphans, there seemed to be no lasting bad blood between the two actors. In a personal email that LaBeouf published on Twitter, Baldwin assured the younger man that he’s “been through this before” — boy, has he ever — and promised that he had no “unkind word[s] to say” about the Transformers star, adding, “You have my word.”

Nearly two weeks later, Baldwin seems to be singing a different tune. Last night, Vulture asked the actor to respond to a tweet LaBeouf sent shortly after exiting Orphans: “the theater belongs not to the great but to the brash. acting is not for gentlemen, or bureaucratic-academics. what they do is anti-art.” Here’s the Emmy winner’s response in full:

And… scene. LaBeouf hasn’t responded to EW’s request for comment, but rest assured, it’s tough to imagine he’ll stay quiet about this for long.

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