By Sarah Caldwell
March 04, 2013 at 05:58 PM EST
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

To celebrate the third anniversary of the “Let’s Move” campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama hung out with parents, students, and Kelly Ripa on Google+ this morning to discuss fitness and nutrition. She stressed creativity in finding ways for kids to remain active, even when they can’t go outside. For instance, she said that she often turns on the radio for her girls and they just dance for a half hour or so.  We also  learned that she and Barack work out every morning together, her favorite post-workout snack is a protein shake, and that Barack makes fun of their dog Bo for not being very active.

Here are some more of the best quotes from the hangout:

1. Michelle Obama gives her definition of what “hanging out” is” 

“I feel like I should have on my shorts and be hanging out with some pillows or something.”

2. The first lady on presenting at the Oscars:

“I was a little more nervous than I thought I would be. I thought I’d drop the envelope. I thought I’d get the name wrong. It’s just a very awesome moment for anyone who grew up like most Americans do watching movies and watching the Oscars and here I am presenting the award for best picture. It was pretty intimidating, but I got through it.”

3.  The third grade class participating in the hangout was very well-behaved, but Kelly Ripa seemed to miss the point of the whole discussion when she said: 

“They are such a well-behaved classroom I’ve never seen children with the ability to sit so still for such a long period of time.”

4. The  First Lady couldn’t resist throwing out the classic mom line of why it’s important to eat your fruits and vegetables: 

“I want every kid to commit to not throwing anything out. First of all, we don’t want to throw any food because there are a lot of kids all over this country and all over this world who don’t have a lunch, you know, and that’s what we have to remember.”

5. Obama offered an inspiring take on what being healthy and eating nutritiously should actually be about:

“I think we should be talking about these issues in terms of health and not in terms of how kids or people look physically, because people can’t help how they look, but we want every American to be healthy.”

6.  We all know that the First Lady’s favorite dance move is the Dougie, but when one panelist didn’t join all the others in doing the dance with her she had to ask:

“Where is Brad? I don’t see Brad Dougie-ing!”

You can watch the full hangout here.

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