March 04, 2013 at 08:05 PM EST

James Franco, actor, director, student, soap star, writer, artist, musician, and Oscars-ruiner, can now add another title to his ever-expanding resume: pro-sex crusader.

The multifaceted multihyphenate has made a video defending his friend Travis Matthews’s film I Want Your Love, which has been banned in Australia due to its graphic scenes of  gay male coupling. As Franco explains in the video, Matthews was “using sex in a very sophisticated way” in the film — the director “wants to explore story and character and nuances that sex contains,” he says. Franco also points out that the film probably wouldn’t be banned if it featured explicit violence — though curiously, he ignores the fact that censors likely wouldn’t mind I Want Your Love‘s sex scenes if they featured men and women instead of men alone.

Clearly, this is an issue nearish and dearish to Franco’s heart: he and Matthews collaborated on an hour-long film called Interior. Leather Bar., which features several scenes of graphic, man-on-man oral sex.

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