Harlem Shake videos aren’t just played out — they’re also potential career-killers.

Up to 15 gold miners in Australia were sacked recently when their mine’s owner saw their take on the YouTube sensation. Apparently, dancing shirtless in an underground mine shaft is a safety violation — even if you’re wearing a helmet. Suddenly, “Gangnam Style” parodies are starting to look almost tolerable by comparison.

Worse still, some of the folks who were canned didn’t even appear on camera; they were punished simply for watching their coworkers dance. Australian gold mines officially equal the puritan town from Footloose. Here’s the video that caused all this trouble in the first place:

This isn’t the only time Harlem Shakers have gotten into hot water. Last week, a video of the dance craze that was filmed on an airplane drew the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration, which launched an investigation to see if any rules were violated during the making of the clip. The plane’s crew insists the only crime they’re guilty of is disturbing the innocent passengers who just wanted to read their Jennifer Weiner books in peace.

Moral of the story: For the sake of your job, the airline industry, and the sanity of your fellow man, please, please, please stop making Harlem Shake videos. Goat videos, however, are still cool.

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