A lot of good details came to light (sorry) at Revolution's PaleyFest panel on Saturday night, with plenty of good tidbits about the future (and past) of the series.

In attendance from the production side was creator Eric Kripke and producers J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau, all of whom offered up clues as to how the second half of the NBC show's first season will play out. Even the actors let a few details slip — sometimes when they weren't supposed to. Read on for the highlights.

1. We'll find out early on why the power went out 

The season's second half, Kripke says, will have a much quicker pace that the first. "We don't get precious with the answers," he said, hinting that the question would be answered within the first few episodes after the show's March 25 return. While writing the episodes, Kripke says, it became clear that there was no way for Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) to not tell the gang why the lights went out. So, they decided they shouldn't string the audience along. "We find that out in episode 13 (airing April 8)," he says. "We deliver it, and [then] we ask a bunch more questions. And I think the mystery still continues, but it just keeps evolving and shifting."

2. Kripke wants to bring a Game of Throneselement to the show

One thing that especially excites Kripke is the prospect of visiting all the new little nation-states on Revolution's North American map. "Wouldn't it be fun to have that Game of Thrones kind of feel?" Kripke says he asked himself while writing the episodes. And so the show's geographical landscape will come more into play as viewers get glimpses of some of the "different kingdoms, different worlds" that are currently living side-by-side on the map.

3. Characters will visit the Plains Nation

Details are still limited, but Kripke confirmed that characters will be visiting the Great Plains states, which make up the new Plains Nation.

4. The Georgia Federation is "well-fed"

We already knew the Atlanta-based entity will figure prominently this season, but the panel revealed some intriguing tidbits about the region's characteristics. Climate, it turns out, plays a bigger role in the Georgia Federation, and the people are likely to have more food thanks to their crop-growing abilities. "They're more well-fed," Kripke offered, while also hinting that the region might have trading partners as well.

5. President Foster of the Georgia Federation will be a badass

As we've reported before, Leslie Hope has been tapped to play President Foster, leader of the Georgia Federation. And, Kripke says, she'll be "badass" but with a different "management style" than her Northern neighbors in the Monroe Republic.

6. There'll be a big showdown between Tom and Jason

Some of the promotional materials have offered hints, but J.D. Pardo confirmed it: His character Jason will have a significant confrontation with his father Tom (Giancarlo Esposito). "He'll really come into his own," Pardo said of Jason.

7. Monroe and Nora will have at least one significant scene together 

While discussing the new episodes, actor David Lyons accidentally slipped up and told the audience, "I worked on a scene with [Daniella Alonso, who plays Nora] for the very first time last night –." That dash is there because he was quickly cut off by Alonso and the rest of the panel, hinting that something unexpected may go down with those two characters.

8. We'll find out why Rachel slapped Miles (Billy Burke)

Kripke guarantees viewers will know the meaning behind the slap from episode 10. Which is good, because we were wondering!

9. Aaron will reunite with his wife

Zac Orth wasn't in the house, but his character Aaron was a hot topic nonetheless. When an audience member told the panel that he wasn't a fan of how Aaron abandoned his wife so quickly, Kripke promised that that plotline would be addressed. "He sees her again, and they're able to work out their issues, and they do have a face-to-face," he says. "She's in the present day and you catch up with what she's been doing for the past decade or so."

10.  We'll find out why Miles and Monroe broke up

As we know from flashbacks, the two were the best of friends — almost brothers. Kripke promises that we'll know why they split up by the end of season 1.

Other details fans can look forward to will include Grace's whereabouts, and the fate of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos)and Jason's romance.

See you on March 25!

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