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How many times have you heard “I can’t believe it’s March” this week? Well, one more time, “I can’t believe it’s March!” The Oscars are over, the college basketball brackets aren’t even out yet, and it’s going to be a while before May sweeps begin. In the meantime, Justin Timberlake is hosting Saturday Night Live again, Rachel Zoe returns, and our cover stars from Oz The Great and Powerful are hitting the big screen. Here is our list of to watch this week to beat March Madness (Look, we don’t really watch sports). Have a great week!


All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, 9 p.m., NBC

Bret Michaels, Gary Busey, and Donald Trump, just add meatballs and see what happens.


Switched at Birth, 8 p.m., ABC Family

In a television first, Switch at Birth does an entire episode in American Sign Language. Consider us impressed and intrigued.


Wreck-it Ralph comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD

Come for the Oscar-nominated nostalgia, stay for Sarah Silverman’s adorable Vanellope. “Who doesn’t love a brat with dirty hair?” Indeed.


The Rachel Zoe Project, 9 p.m. Bravo

Rachel gets bangs! There’s also a lot of fashion stuff. But the bangs!


Community, 8 p.m., NBC

In case you didn’t hear, a rerun of the Big Bang Theory beat Community in ratings last week. So much as you love watching things on your computer, it’d be great if everyone started tuning in to see what the gang is up to at Greendale. Plus James Brolin guest stars as Jeff’s dad.


Oz The Great and Powerful opens in theaters.

You saw our wicked cover, now the movie is out in theaters. Go for the costumes, go for the yellow brick road, go to see how perfectly James Franco and Michelle Williams are cast.


Saturday Night Live, 11:30 p.m., NBC

Justin Timberlake is so good on SNL that sketches like this, the sketches that might be the best sketch in any other show, get cut in dress. So yeah, we’re pumped.


Revenge, 9 p.m., ABC

If you haven’t watched the last episode then, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, this trailer reveals a lot. Let’s hope that the shocker from the last episode means this show is rebooting to give Emily some much-needed scores in the revenge department.

Oz: The Great and Powerful
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