By Breia Brissey
March 02, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST

The Elite, the sequel to last year’s The Selection doesn’t hit shelves until April 23. But until then, whet your appetite with some Kiera Cass novella goodness: The Prince (available exclusively in e-format March 5) is a short story that takes place within the timeline of The Selection. On her blog, author Cass explained that the novella came about after her editor raised many questions during the editing process of The Selection. “Some of [the questions] led me to start looking at things the way other people in the stories would see them,” Cass wrote. “In the end, I wrote two scenes from different POVs, one from Aspen’s and one from Maxon’s.”

Thankfully, that project has come to fruition with The Prince, which is told from Maxon’s perspective. And you don’t have to wait any longer to check out the first chapter.

What do you think so far of The Prince? How excited are you about the release of The Elite? And most important: Are you team Maxon or Team Aspen? (Team Maxon represent!) Sound off in the comments.

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