A pair of Australian brothers bring their charming dance-rock debut Stateside.

By Ray Rahman
Updated March 01, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Growing up in Adelaide, Australia, brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery played together in all kinds of bands, but the one that stuck was Atlas Genius, a shimmery dance-rock outfit mixing the best parts of Phoenix and Foster the People. With Keith, 19, on guitar and vocals and Michael, 22, on drums, the duo invaded America last year with the seductively lovesick single ”Trojans,” and they’ve just released their debut, When It Was Now.

This month, the pair are hitting the road with Imagine Dragons for a national tour, which will include their first visit to Austin’s annual indie-rock summit South by Southwest. (”We’re excited about it, but also a little nervous,” Keith admits of the legendarily debauched festival. ”We’ve heard a lot of stories.”) In their minds, though, they’re already living the American dream: ”We saw snow for the first time last week!” he says. ”On the road in North Carolina — unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go outside and play in it.” After all, they’ve got places to be.