Anderson Cooper is definitely a fan of Anne Hathaway’s.

Yesterday on Anderson Live, Cooper went on a mini-rant, defending the actress from all the backlash she’s received. “She’s incredibly talented. She seems like a lovely person. I think she’s been through a lot. And you know what people have all these judgments about her, they don’t know what she’s really like.”

When co-host Isha Sesay brought up how much more charming Jennifer Lawrence’s speech was, Cooper joked, “You don’t think that fall was rehearsed?”

If you tuned in to Anderson Live today Cooper and Vivica A. Fox continued the discussion (However, the show might not have aired where you live yet). Fox, who starred in Ella Enchanted with Hathaway, concluded “She has an Oscar and we don’t. How about that?”

Watch yesterday’s video below:

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