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February 28, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
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Hey, Supernatural fans, your Winchester Wednesday report will be brought to you by yours truly this week while your fearless leader Sandra Gonzalez is in the midst of making the big move to the City of Angels (kind of appropriate, don’t you think?).

This week’s episode, “Remember the Titans,” isn’t about football but of course, this being Supernatural, is about the actual Titans. Or one in particular, Prometheus. While Sam and Dean wait to hear back from Kevin about the next translation of the demon tablet, they take on a case of what appears to be a zombie (“boys, aim for the head”) but turns out to be a god.

Read on for my picks for the five best moments of the episode.

5. Prometheus = Sam?

When Dean and Sam are scratching their heads over who this dead-but-probably-not-permanently-dead guy on their motel bed is, Sam wonders aloud, “What do we know that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot and has a history with violent women?” to which Dean responds, “I don’t know. You?” It’s a moment that has humor and tragedy all wrapped in together. Supernatural has always been great with developing strong, revealing parallels between the boys’ own lives and the weird things they encounter every week, whether the victim or the monster, and it did it again this week. Though I’d argue that Sam can actually relate to Hayley: Dean dies a lot too – in “Mystery Spot” and since then, Sam’s had to go through Hayley’s pain of watching a loved one die again and again and again.

4. The reveal of Prometheus

At the beginning of the episode, this victim of a hit-and-run is lying on the side of a rural road. A black eagle picks at the bloodied wound in the man’s side that’s about where his liver should be. This is where I thought this episode would be a fun game of Guess the God, a bit like Guess the Sin in “The Magnificent Seven.” In the end, only three Greek gods showed up, which was fine. Three was all they needed to tell Shane’s story. But it was still very cool to see this depiction of Prometheus’ punishment in a modern setting, police car approaching from down the road, and then see the color come back into this man’s pale, frost-covered face before he gets up and walks away from death.

3. How to kill a god

As soon as you make Zeus the antagonist, there’s the challenge of how to kill him off in a way that’s satisfying and not too easy. And this guy being the head honcho of Olympus, there’s a lot of things that would have felt too easy. So kudos to the Supernatural writers for Zeus’ (yes, the Zeus) death scene here. Artemis, finally convinced to turn against her father to save her love (more on why she changed her mind in a bit), aims her arrow at Zeus. But then Darth Vader Zeus pulls up Prometheus against his chest with his lightning like he’s a magnet, and Artemis’ arrow – which assumedly is no normal arrow – goes into Prometheus instead. The god of thunder whispers in his ear, “I never get tired of watching you die. Your boy is going on the rock.” Prometheus takes one last look at his young son, then pushes the arrow deeper into his chest and straight into Zeus’ chest behind him. Zeus dies in a spectacle of lightning as Artemis watches, horrified. So it was the powerful arrow of the goddess of hunters and one Titan’s willingness to go through one last painful death that killed Zeus. I’ll buy that.

2. Sam’s smart moment

Sam generally being the brains and Dean generally being the brawn, smart moments are in no short supply for the younger Winchester. But this one was deserves special mention. As Artemis presses Sam and Dean against the wall, Sam manages to trick Artemis onto their side, spinning a clever lie from his knowledge of Greek mythology. Dean, meanwhile, face still pressed up against the wall, is giving us hilarious looks of “hmm”/“whaaa?”

1. Dean’s prayer to Cas

“Remember the Titans” saved the best moment for last. The boys have their car-talk-of-the-week, when Dean again tells Sam that he’s going to die old from something “normal,” not from these tests to close the gates of Hell, and then after they arrive back at their new home, we see Dean sit down wearily on his bed, and he begins to pray. Now I know this is a moment you all are probably eager to relive, whether by rewinding your DVR or by finding as many GIFs across the Web as you can or just by reading about it. So here is Dean’s prayer to his M.I.A. angel friend in full:

Cas, you got your ears on? Listen, you know I’m not one for praying ’cause in my book it’s the sa–  it’s the same as begging. But this is about Sam, so I need you to hear me. We are going into this deal blind, and I don’t know what’s ahead or what it’s going to bring for Sam. Now he’s covering pretty good, but I know that he is hurtin’. And this one was supposed to be on me. So for what we’ve been through, [he closes his eyes, pauses for a moment] I’m asking you, you keep a lookout for my little brother, okay? [he stops, looks around] Where the hell are you, man?

Whether you’re the praying type yourself or not, there’s always something so touching about the moments Dean turns to prayer – from “Faith” all the way back in season 1 with Layla to now – when this strong man who’s had to fend for himself so much of his life turns to something, someone greater than himself for help, whether it’s some as-yet-unseen God or his friend. I know a lot of you wish we saw more of Cas, but see what kind of beautiful, heart-wrenching moments we can get as a result of his absence?

But yeah, Dean, I agree: “Where the hell are you, man?”

Time for your two cents, Supernatural fans. What were some of your favorite moments in this episode? Dean in a robe with coffee in hand? Hearing the boys be called Agents Bonham and Jones again? Prometheus’ makeshift toga in the morgue? The fitting cremation for the god that gave humans fire? And what do you think is going on with Cas now? Sound off in the comments section below.


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