By Amanda Taylor
Updated February 28, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
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Tom Cruise’s movie Oblivion opens April 19, and in this new trailer, we get to see just a little bit more of the mystery unfold.

60 years after an invasion that destroys Earth, Jack Harper (Cruise) is a curious maintenance man who repairs security drones. But his curiosity (of course) gets him into trouble when he discovers a survivor who jogs his memory and opens the door for more questions.

The trailer begins with Harper in some woods by a lake, a contrast from the past images we’ve seen from the film, and starkly different from the images that dominate the rest of the trailer — a wasteland of a planet, with bits of familiar landmarks rising above the dismal gray landscape.

Enticing moments include spaceships, growling cyborgs and tears of questionable loyalty shed by Jack’s partner (Andrea Riseborough). And with one of those power shots of a group of people walking with really serious looks on their faces I have always hoped to re-create in real life, Morgan Freedom proves yet again that he is a badass.

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