Reading is a hungry pastime. That’s why we can think of no better way to celebrate a love of words than these gorgeous book cakes, courtesy of Book Riot. Love Roald Dahl? Then cut into this tower of his classics. Can’t get enough of Jane Austen? Enjoy this gothic cake. Celebrating your fiftieth anniversary with your hubby? Keep your love life fresh with this Fifty Shades of Grey confection. In fact, we were so taken by these cakes that we scoured the internet for more. Check out our favorites below:

Hunger Games: This three-tier cake (one for each book) could feed all of District 12.

Harry Potter: There are fancier Potter cakes than this one, but we love the detail on the Sorting Hat.

The Cat in the Hat: Revisit your childhood with this colorful creation.

The Lord of the Rings: This Minas Tirith cake is so breathtaking we almost don’t want to eat it. An honorable mention goes to Sauron’s Eye.

A Song of Ice and Fire: The Iron Throne looks great, but it’s the blood that creeps us out the most. These cake pops get the win, however.

What’s your favorite book cake? Tell us below!

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