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Psych returns today with a brand new season and we’re convinced Psych-os everywhere will be pleased with what the show has in store. But if you don’t believe us, trust the word of executive producer Steve Franks, who filled us in on the action that awaits us and told us why viewers new and returning should check out the new season.

1. There will be major Shules action.

Juliet and Shawn have romped around together for a while now, but this year, things are going to get pretty serious for these two love birds. “We’ve been pushing their relationship forward very slowly, and we knew as we were beginning season 7 that we [wanted to] push Shawn as much as we could this year,” says Franks. “There are a lot of things [Shawn and Juliet] need to get through to get to the place they need to be to be together forever. So I said, ‘Let’s start knocking some of those down.'” One big moment will take place at the the end of the second episode of the new season. We won’t spoil what it is, but Franks teases, “it’s life altering for a character like Shawn.”

2. Shawn’s BIG secret will be addressed

Shawn may have fooled everyone into believing he has psychic abilities for seven seasons, but Franks says the time has come to address it. “It has to be addressed at some point…we learned last year with the William Shatner episode how important honesty is for her,” he says. “So there might be some of that going on this year as well.”

3. This happens (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO):

Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

4. The Clue episode!

The much-touted homage to the movie Clue won’t be quite as tribute-like as Psych‘s Twin Peaks-themed episode a few seasons ago, but it won’t disappoint, says Franks. “The energy and tone of that episode is so fun, it’s a little bouncier and lighter than some of the stuff we usually do. It’s really really great to see our guys be put in a house with bodies dropping everywhere and it not being one of our horror episodes.”

5. Gus + new girlfriend

Parminder Nagra will play Gus’s new love interest on this season, and Franks says fans should look forward to seeing the effect she has on Gus — and Shawn, for that matter. “We know at the core of this show is always Shawn and Gus’s relationship, and the fun thing about finally giving Gus someone he dates for more than one episode was how would that affect Shawn and Gus’s relationship,” says Franks. “We wanted somebody who was really different and had a different energy and somebody who would rattle Shawn’s world…. She’ll be a part of the Psych world for some time and we’ll see for how much or how little and how long it will last.”


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