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Last week, costume designer Jany Temime picked up the Costume Designers Guild Award in the category of Excellence in Contemporary Film for her work on Skyfall.

Now that she’s helped Daniel Craig nail his James Bond aesthetic — which included tailoring the actor’s Skyfall suits to within an inch of his life — Temime says her next project involves “another beautiful body.”

“I’m doing Hercules with Brett Ratner,” Temime told EW of signing on to create the wardrobe for Hercules: The Thracian Wars, set for release next summer. “Hercules will be played by The Rock [Dwayne Johnson]… It’s fun because it’s big armies and Greeks. It’s huge.”

While the project is still in pre-production, the costume designer is already hard at work planning the wardrobe. Her biggest challenge so far?

“When you think about what they wore, they were half-naked with a helmet. I can’t do that,” she said. “You have to make it a balance between the historic side and what [modern] movie audiences are willing to see.” (Certain fans of the muscle-bound former WWE star might beg to differ.)

Temime will find out what Hercules star Johnson thinks of her work when the two meet for their first fitting. “I started making his costume, and I will see him on the 15th of March,” said the wardrobe designer, who recently completed work on the outer space thriller Gravity, starring George Clooney. “I hope he will like it!”

Reporting by Lindzi Scharf

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