By Sandra Gonzalez
February 26, 2013 at 05:19 AM EST
Ron P. Jaffe
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This week’s episode might have been about Ted’s break up with crazy Jeanette, but for much of the episode, all I could think about was how much I didn’t like Barney.

You see, this week’s episode, “Weekend at Barney’s,” revealed that Barney’s grand Playbook-burning moment from a few episodes back was all a lie. Well, at least partly a lie. I’ll explain…

The episode started with a much-celebrated break-up between Ted and Jeanette. (She broke it off because things were going too fast, she said.) After they broke up, Ted briefly considered trying to win her back, but Barney intervened and convinced him that Ted needed a new romantic start. So Barney used Playbook No. 2 to help Ted find a new date for his and Robin’s wedding. Yes, Playbook No. 2. It turns out that when Barney burned his Playbook a few episodes back — you know, the gesture that made Robin finally realize that Barney was someone she could marry — he was burning one of two copies. Ugh. Robin did find out, though, but I’ll get to that.

Anyway, Barney’s plans to help Ted pick up women didn’t go as planned because as we all know, picking up girls is all in the delivery. Barney can (usually) make the most obscene and ridiculous pick-up maneuver work — but Ted totally Patrice’d the plays. Every attempt made Ted come off as a weirdo and creep.

Ted wasn’t the only Fail Whale on last night’s episode. Marshall and Lily, too, were failing to dazzle at Lily’s first major art event as the Captain’s art consultant. She had a hard time wooing a new up-and-coming artist and Marshall had a hard time making any of the art snobs laugh at his Teenage Mutant Ninja jokes. (I laughed…) And Marshall really brought shame upon Lily when he dropped his Skittles during a moment of silence. (Honestly, who here HASN’T has a Skittles moment?) Just when the event was looking like a bust, though, Marshall’s TMNT talk sparked the interest of the night’s big artist, who was also a TMNT! Turtle power!

Back at the bar, things took a turn for the worst for Ted when Jeanette showed up and started beating on a girl Ted was trying to hit on. Ted stopped her and they started making out. If Barney had been paying attention, it’s no doubt he would have intervened, but he was a little distracted since Robin had just showed up and discovered Barney’s second Playbook.

She pretty much reacted how you’d imagine: total rage. “Are you really this mad about a book?” Barney asked when she failed to understand the awesomeness of a play called Weekend At Barney’s. (Don’t ask.) But it wasn’t just about the book, she said. It was that the all-important gesture, as I explained, was a lie. At first, Barney’s excuse was kind of lame. “I’m a magician. Misdirection and deceit at my stock and trade…lies are the reason we are together,” he said, pulling a ton of cool tricks out of his pockets. Then he brought it home, “But underneath all of those lies is one true thing that can support the weight of all the lies in the world and that’s the fact that I love you.”

That’s sweet, right? Yeah, I thought so. So did Robin, who forgave him. Jeanette, however, was less forgiving when she found Barney’s Playbook in Ted’s apartment. Crazy Jeanette went crazy. She even blew up the Playbook using fireworks. In case you’re wondering, Barney didn’t mind.

Ted, meanwhile, seemed to be a little bummed revising his RSVP to Robin and Barney’s wedding. (He crossed off Jeanette’s name as his plus one.) But, as we all know, it’s a good thing he did…

Thoughts on the ep?


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