February 26, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST

Fans of Falling Skies still have what feels like a long wait until the TNT sci-fi show returns this summer, but here are a couple things to whet your appetite for intense alien-fighting drama before the season 3 premiere.

Check out your first glimpse of season 3 in the EW exclusive video below. The writers and producers review questions left unanswered by season 2’s cliffhanger ending, followed by the debut of footage from the upcoming season at the end of the video.

Tom on horseback! Maggie attacked by a new, mysterious creature! What is going on?

Expect elements of the cliffhangers we were left with last August, like Hal’s parasite and the arrival of that new alien (played by Hellboy‘s Doug Jones), to be game-changers in the new season. “We’re playing on a completely different board now,” Connor Jessup (Ben Mason) told EW during our visit to Falling Skies‘ Vancouver set last fall. “This new alien has completely reshaped the mythology of the show and the sci-fi aspects of the show. Some parts feel like a different show, but I think at its core it’s the same show.”

EW can also exclusively announce that the Blu-ray and DVD for Falling Skies’ second season will be released on Tuesday, June 4. Check out the DVD box art and the full list of special features below.

Marvel Studios/Paramount

Bonus features:

• Season 3 preview

• “One Page at a Time”: Writing the 2nd American Revolution

• “The Skitter Evolution”

• A Fan’s Perspective: Touring the set of Falling Skies

• Audio commentaries for four episodes

• Behind the Scenes featurette

• Falling Skies trading card from Rittenhouse

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