By Ray Rahman
February 26, 2013 at 03:58 PM EST
Rick Diamond/WireImage
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Elton John has a long history of dueling with his enemies, but luckily for the Lumineers, not every slap is a challenge.

In an interview with XFM London, the Denver folk band’s frontman Wesley Schultz revealed that Sir Elton slapped Lumineers drummer and noted suspenders enthusiast Jeremiah Fraites at the Grammy awards this month.

But don’t worry, it wasn’t the beginning of an epic new feud à la Madonna. “We were nominated for two awards but didn’t win,” Schultz explained in the interview. “As we were walking in, Elton John stopped us and said he has been listening to our album and was a fan. Our drummer said, ‘There’s no f—ing way you are a fan!’ Elton just slapped him in the face and put him straight. It was a special moment.”

So, no, the Lumineers drummer wasn’t dreaming; Elton John really is a fan of his band. That Bing commercial really paid off!

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