David Bowie

Now this is more like it.

A few weeks ago, David Bowie announced the existence of his first album in 10 years with the first single “Where Are We Now?” It wasn’t necessarily disappointing, but there were concerns that a whole album of woozy dirges about the end of the world might be a bit much.

Luckily, the rest of The Next Day isn’t nearly as dour, and Bowie just released a new single called “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” to prove it. It’s a driving, guitar-fueled charge that mixes together his ’70s glam instincts with the depth of the Berlin period and a touch of the jagged indie he clearly became obsessed with at the turn of the century.

What’s better is the video, which is directed by Floria Sigismondi (helmer of the punk biopic The Runaways and Marilyn Manson’s iconic clip for “The Beautiful People”). It stars Bowie, a bunch of androgynous models, and Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton in a performance that passively acknowledges that she and DB kind of look a lot alike.

Check it out below.

Video of the year? Yeah, it’s only February, but let’s go ahead and say video of the year. The clip really drives home that idea that Bowie seems to be looking back at his life and legacy, as a handful of his character creations get nods. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is also a reminder that Bowie himself is a pretty exceptional actor whose supporting spots really add to flicks like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and The Prestige.

What do you think of “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”? Does it shift your anticipation at all for The Next Day? Leave your androgynous thoughts in the comments.