By Sarah Caldwell
Updated February 26, 2013 at 04:10 PM EST

Recently, the New York Post wrote an article accusing Alec Baldwin of grabbing one of its reporters and calling a photographer a racial slur (the article was called “Alec fast and slur-ious“).

Therefore, when Baldwin went on The Late Show last night, even his pal David Letterman had to ask about the incident.

“I would like to begin now an official campaign to get the New York Post nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for journalism,” Baldwin joked, elaborating (sarcastically) that the Post was so incredible to expose him as a racist even though he’s been working with various human rights organizations for years.

“The good news, for me, is that I think when something like that happens, which is very ugly and unpleasant, that 99 percent of the people who see that say, ‘Tthat’s not possible,”’ Baldwin later said.

According to the Associated Press, Baldwin and the photographer filed harassment claims against each other. However, the reporter recorded the incident and on Letterman, Baldwin claimed that there was no recorded evidence of him saying any racial slur. “I thought it was interesting, by the way, that they assigned a word to me that I haven’t heard since Rod Steiger was in In The Heart of the Night,” Baldwin joked.

Watch highlights of the interview below:

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