Oscars Anne Hathaway

Step aside, @AngiesRightLeg! Anne Hathaway’s dress and Ben Affleck’s beard were this year’s hot Oscars style memes.

When the structured darts on Hathaway’s Prada gown created the illusion of a wardrobe malfunction, the social media platform went nuts. “Anne Hathaway’s stylist should be fired for not forcing her to wear pasties! HELLO NIPPLES!!!” gossip blogger Perez Hilton tweeted.

Then came the “Breast Supporting Actress” jokes and, inevitably, the @hathawaynipples Twitter handle. “We’d just like to point out that we won Best Supporting Actress without *any* support,” the mystery person behind the account — which quickly gathered over 4,000 followers — joked after Hathaway accepted her Oscar.

Ben Affleck’s shaggy beard also got its fair share of attention, with @Afflecks_Beard becoming the voice of celebrity facial hair.

“Lots of beards in the house, Jean Dujardin and Tommy Lee Jones. Oscars 2013 aka Beard convention,” Ben’s beard observed, before tangling Affleck and Argo producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov together in a “bearded threesome,” and ultimately ending the night fearing for its survival.

Were you entertained by this year’s Oscar Twitter parodies?

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