For the first time in four years, Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails will be heading out on tour.

The How to Destroy Angels rocker’s old band, however, will come with a new lineup, Pitchfork reports. Eric Avery of Jane’s Addiction, Adrian Belew of King Crimson, and Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv will be joining the new configuration, while old NIN pals like Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin will also be tagging along.

According to a statement to Pitchfork from Reznor, the group will play some shows this summer (presumably on the festival circuit) and then being touring the States this fall stateside; his live run will continue into the next year on an international scale. “Calls were made to some friends, lots of new ideas were discussed, and a show was booked — which led to another, which somehow led to a lot of shows,” Reznor writes.

To an observer, all of this would suggest there’s a new Nine Inch Nails album on the way, perhaps in addition to the new music he’s planning for that Nine Inch Nails greatest-hits compilation.

But who knows! For now, all we have is the full statement from Reznor linked from the Nine Inch Nails website to go off of. The full text is here.

Before any of the NIN tour gets underway, Reznor will be releasing a How to Destroy Angels record this March, followed by a tour with that band (including his wife Mariqueen Maandig) in April.

EW’s request to Reznor for additional comment on the planned NIN tour has not yet been returned.

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