It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is just an all-around amazing quote machine. So naturally she had a bit to say to press backstage after she tripped and fell while collecting her Best Actress statue. When asked by reporters what she was thinking when she fell down, she was honest: “What went through my mind when I fell down? A… a bad word… that I can’t say. It starts with ‘F’,” she said with a laugh. She also expressed confusion when asked to describe her day-of primping routine: “I took a shower?”

Lawrence also owned up to a little backstage drinking, which probably lowered some Oscar night inhibitions. It’s not exactly kissing your brother, but Lawrence managed to turn plenty of heads with this press room middle finger, which reports claim was made in jest.

Watch her full Q&A with reporters below:

But that wasn’t the only stop on Jennifer Lawrence’s very own Victory Tour. Later, while talking to George Stephanopoulos, Lawrence got accosted by an eager fan: Jack Nicholson, who interrupted the interview to tell her he enjoyed her work. He also decided to casually hit on her a bit, telling her she reminded him of an old girlfriend. To which Lawrence jokingly replied, “Do I look like a new girlfriend?”

Come for the quotes, stay for her totally over-the-top, GIF-able reactions shots:

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