February 22, 2013 at 04:38 PM EST

This is either a great day for The Vampire Diaries or a sad day for the big broadcast networks.

The CW’s supernatural drama delivered a higher rating in the valuable adults 18-49 demographic than either NBC’s comedies or ABC’s drama in the 8 p.m. hour. Though TVD had some major plot twists last night, the numbers weren’t hugely high — with 2.9 million viewers and a 1.3 rating, the show jumped 30 percent from last week, yet was still within its usual performance range (read Mandi Bierly’s TVD recap here). But that was still enough to top the hourly average of Community plus Parks and Recreation on NBC, as well as the second week of Zero Hour on ABC. The latter dropped 21 percent from its premiere to a 1.1 rating (we’re probably about one more episode away from being able to use a “Zero Hour gets zero rating” headline). Still, there was some good news for ABC: Grey’s Anatomy rose 7 percent despite a weakening lead-in and facing American Idol this week.

Also: Fox’s two-hour “Sudden Death” edition of Idol was up 8 percent. CBS shows were all basically steady. NBC’s Community dropped yet again, down 8 percent to a series low. Parks was down 13 percent to a series low and 1600 Penn was down 9 percent to a low.

Full Chart:

FOX 8-10P AMERICAN IDOL #2t 3.9 13,504
ABC 8-9P ZERO HOUR #11t 1.1 5,322
9-10P GREY ANATOMY #4 3.0 8,543
10-11P SCANDAL #6 2.7 7,617
CBS 8:00P BIG BANG #1 5.4 17,337
8:30P TWO&HALF MEN #2t 3.9 13,442
9-10P PERSON INTEREST #5 2.9 14,129
10-11P ELEMENTARY #7 2.3 11,046
NBC 8:00P COMMUNITY #11t 1.1 3,078
8:30P PARK & REC #9t 1.3 3,029
9:00P PARKS&REC S #8 1.4 2,910
9:30P 1600 PENN #14 1.0 2,303
10-11P LAW&SVU R #11t 1.1 3,859
CW 8-9P VAMPIRE DIARIES #9t 1.3 2,887
9-10P BEAUTY&BEAST #15 0.6 1,558

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