Revolution will continue its exciting freshman season March 25 on NBC, but while fans wait, an upcoming live-action webseries will satisfy their need for another piece of the puzzle.

In this webseries, premiering Feb. 25 on, we flashback to 11 years after the blackout and the night Miles (Billy Burke) first tried to assassinate Gen. Monroe (David Lyons). The story will follow Capt. Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) on a mission to hunt down and kill and those who had a hand in the attempt to assassinate Monroe. While on his journey, however, Neville will apparently stumble “upon an even greater conspiracy that could change the course of the Republic forever,” according to a description.

Esposito and Lyons will star in the five-episode webseries.

Intrigued? You should be.

And here’s one more tease — an exclusive page from the first webisode script (Click image for larger version):


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