Other movies to see this weekend

By Owen GleibermanLisa SchwarzbaumKeith StaskiewiczAdam Markovitz and Chris Nashawaty
February 22, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

PG-13, 2 hrs., 7 mins.
The brilliantly unsettling drama follows an aging Parisian couple after the wife begins to lose her faculties. AOwen Gleiberman

R, 2 hrs.
Ben Affleck’s tale of six Americans who escaped Iran in 1980 by pretending to be a film crew is funny, fascinating, and suspenseful. AOwen Gleiberman

Bless Me, Ultima
PG-13, 1 hr., 42 mins.
A witchy folk healer (Miriam Colon) teaches a wide-eyed New Mexico kid (Luke Ganalon) about nature and magic during World War II in this indie family drama, which goes to great, schmaltzy lengths to depict childlike wonder without actually evoking any. C-Adam Markovitz

Django Unchained
R, 2 hrs., 45 mins.
Quentin Tarantino’s deliriously kicky, shameless, and scattershot racial-exploitation epic about a freed slave who hunts down his former overseers. B-Owen Gleiberman

Escape From Planet Earth
PG, 1 hr., 29 mins.
A noseless alien who looks like a tropical fish (voiced by Rob Corddry) and his macho-hero brother (Brendan Fraser) get abducted by earthlings in an animated film that goes lamely where many have gone before. Famous names round out the voice cast — Ricky Gervais picks up a check for what amounts to a voicemail greeting — but the predictable story and humor will have you counting down from T minus 89 minutes. C-Keith Staskiewicz

A Good Day to Die Hard
R, 1 hr., 38 mins.
Yippee-ki-yay mofo Bruce Willis is back as (oldie) John McClane, still killing scumbags and cracking wise in the fifth edition of the apparently immortal Die Hard. CLisa Schwarzbaum

Identity Thief
R, 1 hr., 47 mins.
The divine Melissa McCarthy is defeated by this hectic madcappery about a scam artist and her victim on a road trip. And likable Jason Bateman can’t help either. B-Lisa Schwarzbaum

Not rated, 1 hr., 33 mins.
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A man with a past in the clandestine services goes on a rampage of paternal vengeance after his daughter is kidnapped abroad. No, it’s not Taken 3. It’s Inescapable, a thin slice of Middle East intrigue set in the exotic bazaars of Damascus. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig is the desperate dad; Marisa Tomei is his Arabic-speaking ex. The rest is forgettable. (Available on VOD Feb. 25) C Chris Nashawaty

PG-13, 2 hrs., 29 mins.
Steven Spielberg’s grand and immersive historical drama, with a remarkable performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. AOwen Gleiberman

PG-13, 1 hr., 40 mins.
It lifts its fear-factor visuals from earlier films, but this tale of two girls and their ”guardian” is staged with frightening verve. B Owen Gleiberman

R, 1 hr., 50 mins.
Gael García Bernal makes a fine adman in a terrific political drama about the 1988 ad campaign that helped overthrow a dictatorship. ALisa Schwarzbaum

Safe Haven
PG-13, 1 hr., 55 mins.
There’s no refuge from endless clichés (a kid-assisted meet-cute, romance in the rain, etc.) in this Southern soap adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel. It’s the story of a spunky gal (Julianne Hough) who finds love with a broad-shouldered single dad (Josh Duhamel) while hiding from her past in a cutesy North Carolina beach town. DAdam Markovitz

Side Effects
R, 1 hr., 46 mins.
Director Steven Soderbergh turns a cleverly overwrought thriller into a pop projection of our most lurid fears about antidepressants. B+Owen Gleiberman

Silver Linings Playbook
R, 2 hrs., 2 mins.
A crazy beaut of a bighearted comedy mixing family nuttiness, football madness, romantic obsession, and certifiable mental illness into a romance that is blissfully unpredictable. Great ensemble work, led by fabulous Jennifer Lawrence, a girl on fire. ALisa Schwarzbaum

Warm Bodies
PG-13, 1 hr., 37 mins.
A nice, well-mannered young zombie fellow goes out of his way not to eat the young woman he likes, in a gently funny and pleasantly cheap-looking trifle in the Twilight zone. BLisa Schwarzbaum

Zero Dark Thirty
R, 2 hrs., 36 mins.
Kathryn Bigelow’s electrifying drama about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. AOwen Gleiberman