Kendrick Lamar

A few weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar wowed SNL audiences with his run through “Poetic Justice,” one of the standout tracks from his fantastic good kid, m.A.A.d. city. The song samples Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place” and also features a guest spot from Drake. Trifecta!

Earlier today, Lamar debuted the video for “Poetic Justice,” which is by far his most ambitious video both narratively and visually. Kendrick predictably macks on a lady until tragedy strikes; in the meantime, Drake raps into a cordless phone in a hotel room while a woman lies unconscious next to him.

Watch it below:

Obviously, the clip looks super-gorgeous, but the narrative seems a little muddled. In the disclaimer, before the clip runs, the events are meant to be “symbolic,” though it’s deeply unclear what the metaphor is here. There are plenty of conspiracy theories already brewing, but obviously only Kendrick knows for sure.