Amanda Bynes weight loss, Mila Kunis on nude scenes, and more

By Dan Snierson
February 22, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST
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1. Flo Rida reportedly says his dream collaborator would be Paul McCartney Macca doesn’t know tons about Flo Rida, so he pitched back a duet titled ”All You Need Is ‘Low.”’
2. Kesha drinks own urine on upcoming MTV docuseries Wait, that can’t be right… Yep, sorry. Totally screwed that up. It should read: ”Ke$ha drinks own urine on upcoming MTV docuseries.” Always forget the dollar sign.
3. The Dude’s bathrobe from The Big Lebowski up for auction When some hippie offered $12 for it before the auction began, John Goodman chided: ”Smokey, this is not Nam. This is bidding. There are rules.”
4. DMX arrested for driving without license And with that cuff, DMX establishes himself as a front-runner on the celebrity-arrests leaderboard, nonactivist division. You really have to wonder how George Michael, Bobby Brown, and Charlie Sheen will respond. But first let’s go down to the field and see what Snoop is up to. Stu?
5. Snoop Lion faces $546,000 tax lien Thanks, Rick. Looks like Snoop is back on the authorities’ radar, so he’ll need to make good with Uncle Sam fast. Of course, his situation did NOT involve an arrest, so DMX can rest easy tonight…
6. Amanda Bynes says her goal is to weigh 100 pounds; 5’8” star has lost 4 pounds since moving to NYC If we count the brain, she’s actually lost seven.
7. Jeff Probst talk show canceled It was close. Four execs voted to ax him, three to renew him, and the final vote in the urn just said, ”Can someone explain Wendy Williams?”
8. Mila Kunis on nude scenes: ”I showed side boob [in Friends With Benefits]. I don’t need to show ass. You get one or the other. You don’t get both” Reading this news, Kevin James picked up the phone, dialed his agent, and said, ”New strategy.”
9. Jimmy Kimmel blasts Jay Leno again: ”I don’t believe [he] has actual feelings”
”Say whatever you want, Jimmy — it doesn’t hurt me!” chuckled Leno. He then paused and added: ”Hey! That doesn’t prove anything!”

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