By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 21, 2013 at 09:14 PM EST
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Tonight’s Suits season 2 finale (USA, 10 p.m. ET) is simply titled “War,” and the battle gets ugly as Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Jessica (Gina Torres) seriously clash over her plan to merge the firm with Edward Darby’s (Game of Thrones‘ Conleth Hill). “We’ve seen flashes of Jessica’s steeliness over the years,” creator Aaron Korsh says, “but we’ve never seen it against Harvey.” As they maneuver, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) unwillingly gets caught in the crossfire. “He doesn’t want to choose sides, but he’s going to be forced to,” Korsh says.

In last week’s episode, Louis (Rick Hoffman) lied to Rachel (Megan Markle) about the real reason she didn’t get into Harvard, blaming his past with Sheila (Rachael Harris) instead of her inability to compete to spare Rachel’s feelings. “That is gonna come back to haunt both Louis and Mike, and lead to a confrontation between Mike and Rachel that threatens to derail the progress they’ve made in the back six episodes,” Korsh says.

For comedic value, Louis meets Darby’s firm’s “British Louis,” Nigel (Love Actually‘s Adam Godley), and, in the words of Korsh, “has a battle over who is the better Louis.”

All he’ll tease about the episode’s end is that it finishes “with a bang.” And, he adds, “I don’t say this lightly — I don’t think I’ve ever said this about an episode of Suits before — but it is the one episode of Suits that I would not want to miss if I were a fan of the show.”

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