By Tanner Stransky
February 21, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST
Janna Giacoppo

Really Really


Writing a poignant piece about Generation Y is tricky at this early juncture in the demographic group’s existence, but that didn’t stop 27-year-old playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo from giving it a try. His debut, Really Really — a character drama about a group of college students tangled in a sticky situation involving a rape accusation — tries extremely hard, but it probably won’t reach the touchstone status that past offerings like, say, Rent did for the young people of Gen X.

However, Really does succeed as a stunning vehicle for Zosia Mamet to display her onstage prowess, as the Girls star flourishes at serving up her nasty, unlucky, rape-accusing character, Leigh. Friday Night Lights and Parenthood veteran Matt Lauria is less effective as the accused student, Davis, but he certainly offers heaps of effort. (And heaps of muscles, as the actor is often in various states of undress — which is a very good thing.)

After a slow start, the show revs up considerably in the second act, raising a lot of questions along the way: Do straight males in their early 20s really use the abbreviation jeal to mean ”jealous”? Would a real 21-year-old ever be as blatantly cunning as Leigh? Is Davis’ rugby-playing buddy Cooper (David Hull) really a closeted jock? Could the best character in this play really be Leigh’s overly concerned, bone-thin, and over-achieving roommate Grace (Lauren Culpepper), who killed during her welcome speech to the Future Leaders of America that ends the first act? And, really, is this situation worthy of a two-hour play? The fact that there are such questions prove that Really Really is really worth seeing — and talking about. B

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Really Really

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