By Nakisha Williams
Updated February 21, 2013 at 11:24 PM EST
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Before Gabriel Mann scored the role of Nolan Ross on Revenge, he was a professional runway model, which helps explain how he’s able to pull off his character’s eccentric threads.

At Tuesday’s Costume Designers Guild Awards in L.A. — where Revenge costume designer Jill Ohanneson was among the nominees in the category of Outstanding Contemporary Television Series — Mann told EW how wearing Nolan’s wardrobe helps him get into character.

“I show up to work in combat boots, ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and my beanie cap,” the actor admitted. “So the process of taking that stuff off and putting on these very tailored suits — and whatever Nolan’s [hairstyle] is at the moment — completely gives me what I need to walk on set.”

Mann says Nolan’s sartorial style has even started to rub off on him, though, unfortunately for the actor, he hasn’t picked up his character’s talent for breaking and entering.

“I have tried many times to steal from [the wardrobe department], but I have not been successful,” Mann admitted. “Jill has an eagle eye. [She knows] everything that I’ve ever worn on the show, no matter how many layers.”

Mann later remembered that he has gotten away with taking home one of his character’s wardrobe items, though it didn’t come with a designer label.

“I did borrow, or steal actually, a pair of fingerless gloves that I wore when Nolan dressed up as Burt the Cable Guy in season one,” he said. “Jill knows, but she doesn’t want them back at this point. I’ve been using them to work out. They’re disgusting.”

After two seasons, the actor, who described his working relationship with Ohanneson as “hugely collaborative,” said he’s in synch with the costume designer when it comes to wardrobe picks for Nolan. “We are very simpatico at this point, so Jill knows what I like,” he explained. “Generally, it’s not even a question of making choices anymore, it’s just a question of walking into the room and saying, ‘Yes, yes, yes! Thank you! What a gift to work with you!'”

–Reporting by Lindzi Scharf

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