Patton Oswalt
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Patton, Pawnee. Pawnee, Patton.

Patton Oswalt will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation. The actor/comedian will try to make history — or rather, save it — in his role as Garth Blundin, adversary of Leslie Knope. In the installment, Leslie (Amy Poehler) takes issue with the town charter, which was written in the early 1800s and contains some dubious outdated laws. Convinced that it “needs some sprucing up, she introduces a bill in the City Council to alter the town charter in certain ways,” series executive producer Michael Schur explains to EW. “Patton plays a guy who is a strict constructionist. He has sort of an Antonin Scalia-attitude toward the town charter: The charter was a document written by the founders of the town and it should remain exactly the way it was. He challenges Leslie on trying to make changes to things, and then the two of them get into a contest to see who see who is right.”

It sounds like Oswalt had no problem slipping into character. “He did some of the funniest improvs I think I’ve ever seen in my life on the show,” adds Schur. “It was right in Patton’s wheelhouse, because he loves talking about crazy stuff, like 200-year-old laws.”

Oswalt has been all over the tube this year, guesting on such shows as Justified, Portlandia, and Two and a Half Men.

Other famous folks popping up on Parks‘ fifth season have included Joe Biden, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Jonathan Banks, Andrew Luck, Lucy Lawless, and Christie Brinkley. Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Annabeth Gish, and Jenny Slate are also slated to appear.

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