By Abby West
Updated February 20, 2013 at 09:50 PM EST

When the second season of Disney XD’s Lab Rats kicks off on Feb. 25 (9 pm ET/PT), Leo finds himself going up against his nemesis when his super-human siblings Adam, Bree, and Chase sneak out to meet Marcus in Davenport’s new self-driving sports car. When Leo tries to stop them, Marcus traps him inside the car and programs it to take him on a wild, high-speed trip to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Click below to check out a clip of Leo figuring out that things were about to get hairy.

I know no one likes to be compared to an older sibling but am I the only one who still sees shades of Tyrel Jackson Williams’ big brother Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris when looking at Leo? That’s probably why Tyler has played an older Leo on Lab Rats and Tyrel played a younger Chris on Everybody Hates Chris. Got that?

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