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Happy birthday, Rihanna!

The “Diamonds” singer turns 25 today, and it’s no secret she had quite the up and down year – especially in fans’ opinion of her and her life choices. But it’s her birthday today, so in the spirit of positivity, let’s take a look at some of the recent professional highlights in the life of Rihanna (and don’t worry, Vin Diesel covering her latest single is definitely on the list!).

First of all, today the singer announced that she will be the new face of MAC cosmetics. In a statement, the “Stay” singer said, “When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind—for something legit—is MAC.” There will be four collections released this year, kicking off with a red lipstick called “RiRi Woo.”

Let’s also hope that there are more performances like this one at the Grammys last week:

She’s known for her sexy image — one she’s definitely helped cultivate with things like this recent Rolling Stone cover — but the Grammys showcased her voice, which was a nice, and somewhat unexpected, treat. Do more of this this year!

And of course, “Stay” inspired not only a great video, but one of the most entertaining covers in modern history (not an overstatement) when Vin Diesel went ahead and showed us all he was a big RiRi fan – and also had a ton of feelings that were dying to get out. Watch it again below:

So happy 25th, Rihanna. Hopefully 2013 brings you more diamonds and less drama.

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