By Sarah Caldwell
Updated February 20, 2013 at 06:44 PM EST

Les Misérables has a heart full of likes on Facebook. (We can keep these puns coming all day.) The Tom Hooper movie has the most Facebook fans of any best picture nominee with 1.2 million, followed by Django Unchained with 723,000.

Oscar predictions are all about compiling data (and also who gave the best performance and deserves the award most and stuff like that), but even though Les Misérables has fans on Facebook (and here), it still has only 50/1 odds of winning Best Picture, according to Las Vegas Sports Betting.

In terms of age, people 45 and up are the primary fans of Lincoln on Facebook (although they could have actually been hunting for the actual president or Nebraska cities, and been confused). People 13-17 like Les Misérables and Life of Pi.

Geographically, Philadelphia is one of the top cities to find Silver Linings Playbook fans,and New Orleans and Baton Rouge boast a high number of Beasts of the Southern Wild lovers.

Some of the best Facebook data comes in the form of “People who like this… might also like this” information. The most-liked show for people who like Django Unchained is Breaking Bad (duh!). The most liked actor of Zero Dark Thirty fans is… Mark Wahlberg (hmm….). Most tellingly, people who like Silver Linings Playbook also list Smarties as their favorite brand. What? Not Raisin Bran?

In conclusion, our predicted winner Argo may be ranked fifth in terms of Facebook fans (173,000 Likes), but unless all these Facebook fans are part of the Academy, Ben Affleck’s movie is still probably going to win.

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