Enders Game
Credit: Summit/

Back in December, we gave you an exclusive first look at Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford as Ender Wiggin and Colonel Hyrum Graff in Summit’s upcoming sci-fi adaptation of Ender’s Game (due Nov. 1), based on the popular novel by Orson Scott Card. Today, a second official image has hit the net (via fansites like, and it introduces us to Ender’s Battle School companion, Petra Arkanian, played by True Grit‘s Hailee Steinfeld.

In the still (see a high-res version here), Petra and Ender share a meal in the dining facility alongside their fellow Salamander Army (see those patches on their jumpsuits?) soldiers. That means this is still early on in Ender’s journey, as Salamander is the first army he is recruited to after his time as a Launchie. At the far left end of the table, you can see Bonzo Madrid (Moises Arias), the cruel commander of Salamander Army, who, in the novel, resents having the under-trained Ender fighting alongside him. Fortunately for Ender, Petra proves to be a true and loyal friend — not to mention an expert fighter.

The background of the photo also contains a few gems for super-fans. The scoreboard, which displays daily rankings of all Battle School recruits, looks to be broadcasting a battle between Rat Army and Asp Army, in what appears to be a spherical or circular Battle Room. Director Gavin Hood played coy about the look of the Battle Room when EW spoke with him in December. “I really hope that what we’ve done with [it] will be exciting to people,” he said.

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