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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…
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Afternoon, Roomies! Happy…what is today? I hate three-day weekends. (That’s a lie: I love them.)

Anyway, check out today’s offerings; I hope it’s enough to feed your inner scoop-hungry beast. Next week: PaleyFest kicks off in Los Angeles! I’m excited and you should be too. Make sure you send me all your questions for the casts of Once Upon a Time, Walking Dead, Community, Revolution, Parenthood, Arrow, and more! (Email is

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We’ll have to wait until March to see the fallout from Sunday’s Revenge death (RIP, Amanda), but according to Gabriel Mann, it will be well worth the wait to see the result and the work of Oscar-nominated Helen Hunt, who directed the episode.

“She was very invested in the characters, and sort of had really strong smart ideas about [how] at a certain point, when you keep upping the stakes and upping the stakes, there has to be a payoff,” he boasts. “I feel like she really got us back to our roots, saying, ‘As human beings, what happens to [the characters] when these things are occurring all around you?’ She anchored it in incredible, dramatic reality — still within the confines of the Revenge world, clearly — but really brought a real sensitivity and poignancy to the things these character have to deal with in the next few episodes.”

Sound emotional? “You have no idea,” he says. “We always straddle the fine line between the outrageousness of what happens on the show and reality. So I think it’s great when we have a pilot guiding the ship who’s like, ‘How would this make you feel and what would happen as a result of it?’ It was a real gift to have Helen at our show.”

The episode, titled “Retribution,” airs March 10.


Huck made Quinn choose between revenge and being a Gladiator a few weeks ago on Scandal, and it looks like she’s standing by her choice. In fact, in last week’s episode, we saw the beginnings of what could turn out to be Quinn’s niche when Huck started teacher her some of his special (read: totally creepy) clean-up and kill skills. So what’s next for #HuckleberryQuinn?

“I think it’s a real turning point for Quinn because she’s actually really good at it. I think we can expect to see more things like that,” previews Lowes. “Quinn [has] really searching to be good at something and where to fit in at Olivia Pope [and Associates]….So I think because she’s a natural at the Huck stuff, I think that’s what we can expect to see her getting good at.”

And while this “really dark” version of Quinn will start to emerge, Lowes said she’s been thrilled about the idea for weeks. “Before we went on break for the holidays, Shonda [Rhimes] just looked at me and said, ‘Quinn’s going to be getting a lot darker.’ I was like, ‘What does that mean? What does that mean? Tell me something!”

Moreover, Lowes says that the team at Olivia Pope and Associates will have their hands full in the coming episodes, but because they’ve only filmed a few episodes ahead of what viewers are seeing, she has almost as many questions as viewers, especially about Scott Foley’s character, whom she awesomely described as a bit of a “Creeper McCreeperson”. “I do not know. Like, really. You could ask me and I could not tell you what’s going to happen.”

Stay tuned.


If Jason Bourne and Catwoman had a daughter, it would be agent Samantha Shaw, Sarah Shahi’s character on this Thursday’s Person of Interest. Her words. And with a description like that, Shahi says “it was kind of impossible not to do it.”

So what exactly brings Shaw into the fold? That’s hard to explain without ruining a few secrets about this special episode, but what Shahi could say was that Shaw crosses paths with Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) after her number comes up. But their first encounters don’t go exactly as planned.

“The first couple of times they try to save me, I don’t know who the f— they are, so I try to kill them,” she laughs. But her survivor’s spirit is a result of Shaw’s damaged past, she explains. “All she knows is that she’s has nowhere to go. Her own country has turned against her and she has no idea who these guys are. She feels like she can’t trust anybody but herself.” (Tease: By the end of the episode, Reese and Finch might work their way into her good graces.)

Thursday won’t be fans’ only taste of Shaw. The character is set to return, and Shahi says she’d jump at the opportunity to do so. “The dynamic is great and working with [Caviezel and Emerson] is so great — even the tiniest look is full of so much,” the former Fairly Legal star says. “There’s TV and then there’s Person of Interest.”

NEXT: Scooplets!

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Sandra, if I had three wishes, I’d ask for $10 million dollars, some New Girl scoop, and a game of True American with the entire EW crew. Can you make one of those happen?

Scoop: Thought the unexpected kisses were done for the season? Think again! Tonight’s episode features a kiss you won’t see coming, and it’s great in all the right (and, for them, slightly horrific) ways. Guess the participants. And since you used an entire wish on this, I’ll add this: I hear there might be wedding bells in someone’s future. Also, I’ll work on the latter wish — only because that sounds like SO much fun. Comic-Con, anyone?

Last night’s Following was the best so far! But it got me thinking about season 2. Any idea if there are plans for that? — Sarah

Should The Following get a second season (and it should!), Kevin Williamson says the plan is to have “a little bit of a reinvention.” “We’ve got another book planned, [but] it can’t be the same book, can it?” he teases.

Boyd and Ava…I just can’t. Last week’s Justified was too perfect. Scoop on this awesome couple or Justified in general?

Tonight’s episode has a little bit of everything: great Boyd and Ava moments, suspense, swingers, and a true battle of the hardheads when Raylan goes to visit Arlo in prison with an interesting offer.

I’m really worried about Army Wives this season, Sandra. SO many changes. Anything to soothe my fears? — Stephanie

I thought the season 7 premiere was definitely on point, but as you may know, Claudia Joy is a goner in the season premiere. So that definitely won’t be an easy goodbye for viewers — or the gang, for that matter — it’s nicely done. (My advice: Drink every time you hear the name “Claudia Joy.” You’ll be too smashed to care about the overwhelming sadness you’re feeling within the first 20 mins.) Also, prepare yourself: The second episode might bring news of another impending farewell.

Any plans for Mulan to return to Once? — Alyson

“We’re not going to rule anything out and there are some surprises we want to keep in store for characters who may be coming back later in the season,” says executive producer Adam Horowitz. “So we’re not going to rule anything out nor will we confirm or deny.”

SANDRA! LAST NIGHT’S CASTLE WAS ALMOST TOO MUCH! I might have just re-watched and started crying again. Any happier news to share? — Kylie

“We have a really fun episode where a woman is murdered and it seems like something supernatural is responsible,” reports executive producer Andrew Marlowe. “And [they discover] — not unlike the Ring — a videotape message that creepy and appears to Castle to be haunted. After seeing it, he’s convinced he’s going to be the next victim — and he may not be wrong.” If that doesn’t sound fun, I don’t know what is! Also later this season? One word: Big Foot.

Any Castle scoop to share? PLEASE! :) — Leslie

Here’s something you’ll love if you’re a fan of Det. Ryan: An upcoming episode is going to delve back into Ryan’s past as a detective in narcotics. “A person from one of his old cases resurfaces and it forces him to go undercover again,” says Marlowe, “and it’s a much different Ryan we get to see. He’s sort of put an aspect of himself behind him [when he] went to be a homicide detective and became the sweater vest guy — but he wasn’t always that guy.

SANDRA! Ben and Leslie are getting married! Any wedding scoop for me and my fellow Parks and Rec fans? — Liv

Not on the wedding, but I can tell you that in an upcoming episode, Ron and Leslie are going to find themselves on opposite ends of a very important budget issue. And in an effort to get Councilman Jamm to vote in their favor, they may have to take their disagreement to the *battlefield for a **fight to the death.

*The battlefield in question is a miniature golf course. ** Fight to the death = This will not be fatal.

Hey Sandra! You watching The Americans? I’d love some scoop if you do! — Erin

As Philip and Elizabeth get closer (lots of sexy time!), Stan and his wife start to slowly drift apart, a subject she brings up with him on an already tough day. (Tough day = Prez Reagan’s attempted assassination)

Any news on my friends in Chatswin? — Ashley

In an episode toward the end of the season, Suburgatory is going to explore every college senior’s biggest decision: which college to attend. And for golden boy Ryan Shay, that decision is going to involve a lot of bribery.

The season premiere of Southlandwas incredible. Any scoop on Lydia or Sammy? — Christine

This week’s episode is going to be a heck of an hour for Regina King’s Lydia, who on top of suffers a devastating loss. Yes, you should be worried.

Am I corny for kind of tearing up during Sue’s kiss last week on The Middle? I need to know this thing she has with Darrin isn’t going to go sour. They’re TOO good together. — Mack

I present you assurance, featuring the lovely Eden Sher:

Note: Eden also took EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test and was sort of brilliant. Keep an eye out for that video!

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Castle | Monday, 10-11 p.m., ABC The ''I love you'' uttered by Castle (Nathan Fillion) to Beckett (Stana Katic) ?as she lay injured from a gunshot in…


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