By Kyle Anderson
Updated February 15, 2013 at 07:56 PM EST
Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

In the Odd Future universe, the spotlight has largely been shifted to Frank Ocean for months now. But now that Channel Orange has collected its awards, it’s time for OF mastermind Tyler, the Creator to slip back into the driver’s seat.

Tyler’s new album, Wolf, and it will be hitting store shelves on April 2. According to the Odd Future site, it will feature three different album covers, and if you pre-order, you can also get a jump on tickets to Tyler’s upcoming tour, as well as a nice pair of psychedelic socks.

He also pulled back the curtain on a new single, “Domo 23.” And there’s a video starring Tyler as a blond-dreaded professional wrestler, plus a lot of cameos from various OF personalities. Check it out below:

Tyler has been talking about Wolf since the release of his breakthrough Goblin in 2011. As Tyler has suggested (and as “Domo 23” supports), Wolf‘s themes will deviate from the familiar Odd Future horrorcore sound.

For more information, why not watch Tyler shout the album details while skydiving?

And look! Loiter Squad is back! All Odd Future everything!

Are you looking forward to Wolf? What do you think of “Domo 23”? Sound off in the comments.