What movies to own, rent, and stream this week


The Terminator (1984, R)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton
James Cameron’s breakthrough is both a crazy action demolition derby and a brilliant sci-fi mind-bender. It also provided the first evidence that there was more to Schwarzenegger than his Austrian Oak physique: He was in on the joke. Now on Blu-ray. A

Top Gun (1986, PG)
Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis
Cruise soars as a cocky flyboy with nerves of steel in this rah-rah Reagan-era chestnut, now out on 3-D Blu-ray. The high-altitude dogfights are still vertigo-inducing, even if the relentless soundtrack feels dated. B

Undefeated (2012, PG-13)
Even if you’ve seen every episode of Friday Night Lights, the Manassas Tigers high school football team will raise your spirits in this powerful, award-winning documentary. (Also on iTunes) B+

The Insider (1999, R)
Russell Crowe, Al Pacino
A whistle-blower turns on big tobacco in Michael Mann’s gripping true story. Blu-ray debut. B

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986, PG-13)
Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara
Yes, John Hughes’ day-in-the-life of a charmed teen playing hooky is as terrific as you remember. Bueller? Bueller? (Available on Netflix instant viewing) A-

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The Master (2012, R)
Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman
A troubled brute finds salvation in the figure of a charismatic cult leader. A 2/26

Holy Motors(2012, Not Rated)
Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes
Léos Carax spins a strange tale of a Parisian mystery man who slips in and out of different characters and disguises. A 2/26

*Most grades are from EW’s reviews of the original theatrical release