Air Supply

Maybe it’s because I saw Barry Manilow on Broadway last night (highly recommended), but my Valentine’s Day morning commute was all about the love songs. Now, I don’t normally feel guilt over anything I genuinely enjoy — even if I should — but only on Valentine’s Day would I let myself string these hits together:

Barry Manilow’s “Weekend in New England”: He sounded exactly the same last night, as did the crowd’s collective “Ah” after the first notes. The key change gives me chills.

Air Supply’s “Chances”:

Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again”:

Andy Gibb’s “Me (Without You)”:

Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”:

Oak Ridge Boys’ “Make My Life With You”: I love when they go a cappella at 2:25.

Neal McCoy’s “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”: He once dedicated it to my parents when they attended his concert on their anniversary. I’d like to think the line, “If you must go I won’t grieve/ If you wait a lifetime before you leave” gives my mother some comfort now that my wonderful father has passed.

Lorrie Morgan’s “Something in Red”:

Your turn. What song(s) have or will you listen to unapologetically today?

Air Supply
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