Credit: TROPFEST The News

Okay, so in the four loved-themed films from Australia’s iteration of Tropfest featured below, there’s self-amputation, a killer boyfriend, two somewhat creepy kids, and an Amour-style old couple. But deep down, all of the films are about love — and as we all know, sometimes it hurts, literally. In honor of Valentine’s Day (a holiday with somewhat bloody beginnings — St. Valentine himself was supposedly a martyr after all), we have four short film entries that you can watch below: Marry Me, The Mistake, Boo, and The News.

Tropfest, which was founded in Sydney, Australia 20 years ago, narrows down a field of over 700 short films to just 16 in its competition. It bills itself as the world’s largest short film festival and has expanded to cities around the world, including New York. If you’re a filmmaker hoping to enter the New York Tropfest, entries are due by May 9.

Check out the four films about love after the jump.

Marry Me, directed by Michelle Lehman (Tropfest winner, 2008)

The Mistake, directed by Bryan Moses (Tropfest finalist, 2012)

Boo, directed by Rupert Reid (Tropfest finalist 2012)

The News, directed by Luke Shanahan (Tropfest 2009)

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