Jason Issacs
Credit: Getty Images

Jason Isaacs has landed the starring role in CBS’ medical drama pilot The Surgeon General.

The show is billed as a drama about the most powerful doctor in the world — take that Seattle Grace! — who fights politicians and big businesses to protect the health of everyday Americans.

Isaacs will play the title role. The Harry Potter franchise actor was most recently in primetime as the star of NBC’s Awake.

Medical shows have had a rough ride lately. While ABC’s Greys Anatomy keeps chugging away on Thursday nights, spinoff Private Practice just wrapped up its run. Fox’s The Mob Doctor crashed. So did NBC’s Do No Harm and The CW’s Emily Owens MD. And last season there was CBS’ short-lived A Gifted Man.

Despite the recent track record, The Surgeon General, from Lie to Me creator Samuel Baum, sounds promising, since show is setting itself up for really high stakes (he’s responsible for millions of lives, not just one patient at a time), and it presumably escapes the usual hospital setting and could play more like a medical spin on The West Wing.