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February 14, 2013 at 02:03 PM EST

As the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison has doled out plenty of dating advice. Now that he’s preparing for the launch of his own clothing line, can future contestants also expect to benefit from his sartorial wisdom?

I’m working very closely with Cary Fetman, who has been our wardrobe designer for nine out of the ten years we’ve been doing The Bachelor,” the TV host told EW. “He’s working with me and [co-designer] Christopher Wicks on this deal and helping me incorporate [the clothes] into the show.” As it happens, the Chris Harrison Collection by Da Vinci will arrive in stores the same day the Bachelor finale airs next month. “I’ll wear one of my suits on the finale, and then we’re going to roll over to a launch party at the Da Vinci store on Melrose in L.A.,” Harrison explained. “I’m really excited about it!”

Harrison took his new togs out for a test run on Sunday night, donning a jacket, vest and tie (pictured above) from his eponymous line to host the TV Guide Network’s Grammy Awards red carpet show and attend a post-ceremony party. “I had a red tie, kind of skinny tie with this cool Eldridge knot,” he said of the ensemble. “Neil Patrick Harris could not stop talking about it.”

Harrison hopes the buzz will continue to grow once his designs make their Bachelor debut.

“After the line launches, if you go to the Da Vinci website, you’ll be able to see the suit I was wearing that night. If you like it, click on it,” he said. “Once we shoot The Bachelorette, which is coming up, I’ll be wearing my casual clothes as well as the suits.”

Where did the TV host get the idea to brand his signature style? “I think there’s a large, unrealized market of professional men that [think], ‘I want to look nice, I like fashion. I’m not going to go crazy, I’m not going to have five wardrobe changes before I can pick up my kids or go to football practice, or whatever else, but if it’s easy enough, yeah,'” Harrison explained. And even though he’s known for his on-camera suits, the father of two said his collection includes plenty of options for off-duty dads. “The bulk of it is really the casual. Shirts, slacks, really those everyday things.”

While he expects that most of the purchasing will be done by the wives and girlfriends in the audience, Harrison said his goal is to make click-to-buy shopping as easy as possible for those men who like to pick out their own clothes. And, though he wasn’t prepared to talk about price range, he did promise that everything in the collection is “very affordable.”

So, will Sean end his “journey” wearing Chris Harrison Collection by Da Vinci?

“What I’m going to do is create a see-through, cellophane suit for him,” Harrison joked. “So he can still show his abs.”

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