By Sarah Caldwell
February 13, 2013 at 07:10 PM EST
Charles Sykes/AP
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Just after Valentine’s Day, The Writer’s Guild of America, East will honor the woman who wrote so perfectly about love: Nora Ephron. At the Writers Guild Awards author Meg Wolitzer will lead a tribute to the filmmaker and writer. Ephron wrote and directed the movie adaptation of Wolitzer’s novel This is My Life.

“Nora Ephron’s life and body of work were those of a quintessential New Yorker, but not only did she embody the sophistication, wit and energy of our city, she was also a loyal union member who walked the picket line and talked the talk on behalf of all her fellow writers,” said Michael Winship  President of the WGA, East in a press release.

After her sudden death last June, many people fondly remembered Ephron’s influence in pop culture. After all, who can help but smile when they hear “I’ll have what she’s having”? And even though the noise is long gone now, for some the robotic “You’ve Got Mail” announcement will forever spark feelings of joy at seeing Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly fall in love onscreen.

The awards will be held Feb. 17th in New York City and Los Angeles (the tribute will take place in New York). 

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