By Erin Strecker
Updated February 13, 2013 at 05:55 PM EST
Banned Chanel Ad

A Keira Knightley commercial deemed unfit for broadcast?

It may sound unlikely, but that’s just what happened in the U.K. this week when a viewer complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (the U.K.’s advertising regulator) after an old Chanel perfume commercial from 2011 aired during a TV showing of Ice Age 2. The ad, which includes scenes of Knightley undressing in bed and crawling towards the camera, was deemed inappropriate for children because it was “overtly sexual.”

That may seem like standard fare for perfume ads, which are typically pretty sexy, but the A.S.A agreed with the complaint, saying that the spot — directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice) — was too suggestive for children. It can still air on TV in the U.K., just not during programming directed at kids.

Much ado about nothing? Watch the scandalous ad below and judge for yourself:

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