For decades, shortwave broadcasts have repeated various series of numbers spoken by men, women, children, and sometimes computers. The point of origin for these broadcasts has come to be known as a numbers station — some of which are still operational.

In the trailer for The Numbers Station, the mystery of these one of these stations is unraveled. A rebellious special agent (John Cusack) and a pretty civilian (Malin Ackerman) are trapped inside the numbers station, forced to decipher the numbers to save the world. Looks like lots of good car chases, explosions, and definitely some down-to-the-wire code cracking.

Numbers stations have intrigued writers of song and script alike. The Conet Project, a 4-disc set of recordings of number station was released in 1997. Some of the recordings were used in Wilco’s “Poor Places,” still others can he heard in “Gyroscope” by Boards of Canada. Fans of Fringe will recognize the numbers station, and any Lostie is familiar with the use of the numbers as a caveat for the entire show.

The Numbers Station is scheduled for release on April 26.

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