Part of the fun of reading Iron Man comic books was how often the character's armor design would be tweaked and upgraded. There was the white-and-red Silver Centurion armor, with era-appropriate shoulder pads. There was the Modular Armor, with era-appropriate bare midriff. There was the infamous Teen Tony armor, with, like, big fists. The Iron Man movies have gotten in on the fun, introducing the Suitcase Armor in Iron Man 2. That sequel also featured the first movie appearance of War Machine, the monochrome armor worn by Tony's best pal Rhodey. Well, in the upcoming threequel, it looks like Rhodey is getting a new paint job: A new poster just released on the movie's Facebook page shows actor Don Cheadle in the red, white, and blue model known in the comics as Iron Patriot armor. Check out the image below:


(In the original Marvel continuity, the man inside the Iron Patriot armor was actually Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the Green Goblin. Ain't comics fun?) In the comics, the suit was explicitly modeled on Captain America's outfit — could this mean that we'll get a cameo appearance from the big-screen Cap in Iron Man 3?

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