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Well, well, well, the Drag Race runway has become quite the confessional these days, hasn’t it?

Last week, it was there that Monica Beverly Hillz admitted to the judges — and everyone else who was gathered — that she was a transgender woman, and this week, Coco Montrese felt it necessary to spill her guts about her troubles with Alyssa Edwards to the judges. In fact the whole Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese drama overshadowed basically everything else contained in the episode, including the winner and loser, which were — SPOILER ALERT — Detox and Monica Beverly Hills, respectively.

Again, it was Alyssa and Coco’s hour. “There’s been a lot on my mind,” Coco told everyone on the runway, through tears. “Alyssa’s my friend. We didn’t talk for two years, and coming here and seeing her here completely threw me off. I don’t feel like I’m showing you who I really am. I’m better than that.” Ru seemed somewhat sympathetic, but mostly it was: Buck up, honey.

Before that, though, we got some more context about what had happened between these two two years ago. It started when a picture of Coco as Miss Gay America flashed on the screen, and we heard Alyssa make a comment. “At the end of the day, I won this, but who’s in the picture?” Coco then tells viewers: “Legally, I had to do it.” Huh? Had to do what?

Well, the explanation about what really happened between these two at Miss Gay America didn’t get much clearer from there, honestly. After Coco threw some shade at Alyssa during the mini challenge, the two ended up on separate teams for the main challenge. And it was after they recorded their children’s shows — which were crazy and messy, especially Coco’s part — that the real fireworks few between them. “I feel so mentally drained right now,” Coco said. “I’m trying to finish my costume and this whole Alyssa thing, it’s still bothering me.” The funny thing here is that, truly, the whole “drama” seemed so contrived and rather unprovoked. Do we think producers were forcing these two to, well, beef up their supposed beef?

Coco finally gave some context to the situation…but again, not much. “We competed at Miss Gay America together, and I ended up having to take over the title. We haven’t talked in over two years.” Alyssa approached. “You don’t have to read me over there.” And Coco fired back: “This needs to be done,” before offering up her own feelings on what went down during Miss Gay America: “It! Was! Pure! Hell! How would you feel if you were standing on stage with a crown on your head, singing your song, and someone yells out, ‘You ain’t the real Miss America anyway!’? I had to smile and wave. In the inside, I am torn. I almost lost my relationship because of that whole thing. That whole thing turned my world upside down.” And Alyssa again: “He didn’t win Miss Gay America, I did. So he wasn’t the one embarrassed in front of the whole community, I was. I’m the very first to get dethroned. Coco, I heard you went around everywhere and badmouthed me, saying I couldn’t fulfill my reign.”

But the question is: What happened?!?!? Coco took the crown…but why? It’s so very unclear, which makes this whole drama seem even weirder. Like, why was Alyssa dethroned? “Coco is doing what he does best,” Alyssa continued. “He’s making it seem like he’s the victim. He’s always the victim. And the Academy Award goes to… I gave him the benefit of the doubt and got nothing back.” Coco’s final words on the subject to Alyssa: “Fuck you, Alyssa.”

I’m confused by what happened, honestly. Maybe there’s a part two to this non-drama? Hopefully not, for viewers sake.

Otherwise, the night was — beyond the weird, creepy genius of those wacky children’s shows, led by Jinkx Monsoon’s amazing Glenn Close riff — rather lackluster. As one of the judges told Vivenne Pinay about her performance: “You committed the number one crime in showbiz — you bored me.” And that was kinda the problem with the whole night.

I did love it when Michelle and RuPaul addressed the issue of Alaska showing up to the children’s show challenge out of drag — they were none too happy. “This is RuPaul’s Drag Race,” said Michelle. Added Ru, in a hilarious reference to Lashauwn Beyond’s genius quote from last season: “Not RuPaul’s Best Friend Out of Drag Race.” Here here! Love it.

Also, I’m so glad Monica Beverly Hillz went home. She was busted! The right girls have been going home so far. And I also think that Roxxxy Andrews should have won, possibly. I’m rooting for her, even though we saw so little of her this episode. Your thoughts, Drag Racers?

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