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It’s kind of interesting to see that when you have a force in the house, either negative or positive, it really makes it hard to talk about much else. Over the last several weeks Tierra has obviously become such a huge force, and not much of it is positive. Before we delve into the force that is, or was, Tierra on this show, let’s set the stage a bit. We left the cold waters of Lake Louise in Alberta and headed to one of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix. This place is beautiful. The town is great and the beaches at the Buccaneer Hotel were as perfect as the local spiced Cruzan rum. Luckily I was able to enjoy much of both. If you get the chance to swing by St. Croix someday make sure you attend the crab races at one of the local watering holes. It’s a good time for the entire family.

AshLee got the first one-on-one date this week. Sean and AshLee took a boat to this really popular spot for tourists, a little private island called Buck Island. The island is surrounded by a reef that is a preserve and is protected by the government. It’s a great place to snorkel, swim, or roll around on the beach and make out like you’re in a Hollywood movie. AshLee became the first to really open up to Sean and say – make that, stand up and yell — that she loves Sean. What most of us really took from this date was Ash stepping up and finally telling Sean all that needed to be said about Tierra. Sean was obviously beginning to wonder just how bad things were with her. I think hearing from a mature woman like AshLee how bad it’s been really made him question his perspective.Tierra was on the next one-on-one and things obviously weren’t the same between them. It was interesting that Sean didn’t really notice, but Tierra certainly knew something was up. Tierra has always been able to save every awkward situation with Sean and turn things in her favor. She actually did it again this time, but not quite as convincingly. I think in the past Sean really wanted to believe in this girl, but this time was different. He was still very skeptical after their date was over. You have to understand, Sean really liked Tierra from the moment she got out of the limo. This immediate attraction kind of blinded him to things he didn’t want to see in the first place. But finally Sean had to open his eyes and deal with it.

The group date, at this point in the process, is sheer torture. This time the date truly was torture for the ladies, who were awakened for their date at 4:45 a.m. by Sean, with a camera. Now, I don’t know the laws for justifiable homicide in St. Croix, but when a man you’re dating busts in your room at 4:45 and starts snapping pictures of you, I’d say you’d be able to make a very strong case. I have to give it up to Sean a bit here. His villa was right next to mine and he got home from his date with Tierra well after midnight and I heard him get up and going at 4:00 a.m. He was a trouper the entire time, but this was a brutal turnaround for him.

The date was pretty spectacular and they were all grateful once they got to Point Udall and watched the sun come up. This late in the game nobody wants to be on a group date. These ladies were really lucky they get along so well, because it made it tolerable. All the women opened up to Sean but in the end Lindsay got the rose. (At the rose ceremony Des and Catherine also got roses, so it wasn’t much of a worry for any of them.)

The last few weeks Tierra has been able to hold it all together and really swing the overall situation in her favor, but she was a ticking time bomb. Well, her time ran out in St Croix. I’ll be interested to hear your perspective on the verbal battle between AshLee and Tierra. The funny thing is when Sean walked into the mess that was Tierra at this point, all he really wanted to do was introduce her to his sister, Shay. Yes, he was skeptical, but at this point he was still looking for a reason to keep Tierra — and my guess is if she hadn’t been a mess after her fight with AshLee, Tierra could have pulled off the meeting with Sean’s sister and maybe even gotten a hometown date. But Tierra was a mess when Sean walked in and he had just had enough. A guy will defend a girl and put her back together only so long. Sean reached his breaking point, so instead of going to meet Shay, Tierra was sent packing. I found it interesting that through it all Tierra always felt she was the victim. She never took any responsibility for anything that took place. I’m really looking forward to talking with Tierra at the Women Tell All special to get her perspective on everything that took place. I’ll be interested to see if, after watching it all herself, she’ll still feel the same way or if she’ll have a different perspective.

I know Tierra is the talk of the town, but I have to give service to the other woman who said goodbye this week, Lesley. Sean really had feelings for her and they no doubt had chemistry. Lesley had fallen in love with Sean and wanted so badly to let him know that it actually ruined their date a bit. She was so consumed with how and when she was going to tell him she ended up being reserved and sending the wrong message to Sean. She was so scared of failure she didn’t allow herself a chance to succeed. Communication is so important in a relationship and this date really magnifies that point. I also look forward to talking with Lesley at the Tell All, as I’m sure she regrets not opening up and just expressing her feelings. If she had, I’m pretty sure she would’ve gotten a rose and a hometown date.

So after the fall of Tierra, Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, and AshLee will take Sean back to their hometowns to meet their families. These women all have very different family dynamics and it is a very interesting week ahead for Sean. You would think after this week and sending Tierra home the drama would be over and it would be smooth sailing for Sean… well, think again. Things are about to get crazier than ever. I’ll see you next week, but in the meantime you can always keep up with me and the show via Instagram and Twitter @chrisbharrison and check out our exclusive cast blogs at the official Bachelor website.

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